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Making ideas reality for all your life nodes.

What the heck is a life node?

We're working on a range of projects with some amazing partners that impact how you live, work and play, for the better...those are your life nodes.

Youth Education

Providing youth with early access to business process prepares them to better tackle the current and future challenges.

The Singularity

The Singularity is coming in our massively multiplayer alternate reality game. Are you ready for AI to rule the world?

Early Engineers

Forget the tech, we're developing a whole new building system for kids to engineer backyard creations, batteries NOT required.

Reinventing Retail

Improving your shopping experience is just the beginning. Using Big Data and advanced algorithms, we're making shopping fun.

Loyalty that sticks

An accessible loyalty program is just the beginning, a rewards system that actually generates sales and brand affinity...genius.

Your amazing project here

Got an idea that will change the world? Need help getting things going or just a little moral support, no strings attached? Let's talk!